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      Our e-mail - biuro@stalmetmajewski.pl

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    We are a producer
    of a bride range
    of products in the metal branch
    among them furniture
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    We offer the following services
    CNC machining, turning, milling,
    Cutting with wire erosion machine,
    hollowing with die-sinking machine,
    Pressing of metal elements, general locksmith jobs and
    Regeneration of parts of internal combustion engines
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    We produce
    and regenerate
    Parts for old cars
    Fiat Topolino, Saab, Lancia, Mercedes

The company Stal-Met with domicile in Osobnica near to Jasło, (Podkarpacie province, administrative district Jasło) is a family company with 29 years of experience. It was founded in year 1989 by Stanislaw Majewski, and since 2001 managed by his son Marek Majewski.

The company produces a wide spectrum of metal products, among others:

- furniture - blades for rotation mowers, combine harvesters, straw cutters for combine harvesters, Polish and foreign mowers,
- common and decorated turned hinges,
- simple, decorated angle strap hinges for front doors, garage gates,
- hinges for shutters in buildings, bungalows, which are very popular in and outside of Poland,
- screw elevators for setting and leveling of bungalows, house trailers etc.,
- parts of machines for wood processing, rollers for circular saws, rollers for plane machines, rollers for milling machines, rollers for grinding machines, face milling cutters, pulleys, cramps, anchors,
- ZN-Type solid links

We offer also our services in the range of machining, cutting with wire electro-erosion machine CNC, hollowing with spark erosion machine CNC, press forming, general metalwork and regeneration of subassemblies for internal combustion engines of different cars, trucks, tractors of Polish and foreign production.

We also produce and regenerate parts for antique cars Fiat Topolino, Saab, Lancia, Mercedes and others for export to many countries in the world. We cooperate with other companies of similar branches in foreign countries.

We have big stock of machine tools, we do professional mechanical processing on conventional and numerical-controllable machines CNC. We work on professional programs Solidworks and SolidCam, which facilitate and accelerate our production. We design and make forms for PVC, gums, blanking dies, stamping dies for presses.

We guarantee punctual realization of orders and supplies.

Many years of tradition and gained experience make that products from the company Stal-Met have excellent quality, appreciated by national and foreign customers. The company Stal-Met means 29 years of experience, but also progress and modernity.

We still modernize the company and improve the production methods, in order that they become more and more modern and innovative. The qualified staff numbers 10 persons.

We invite you for the cooperation.